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Joséphine Ekedi was born in 1978 in Otelé (Cameroon)  

From a very young age however, her father (he was the first naval engineer from Sub-Saharan Africa) led her to divide her life between Cameroon and Europe.     

Very early on, Paris would reveal her passion for fashion and beauty and, Africa, her love for colour, physical sensuality, imagination and fun. And, above all, the power of the primitive art that she collects.

Although still very young, she successfully displayed her talents as an interior designer, imagining dazzling, colourful and highly-convivial schemes.

Four years ago, after having fallen under the spell of Normandy, she finally put the hustle and bustle of Paris and the never-ending trips around the world made necessary by her work as a designer behind her and settled in the beautiful Pays d’Auge countryside where she has found peace and quiet and inspiration to live out her longstanding passion for art, based on her own offbeat vision... forever, free and uninhibited.

                African Tribal Art and Pop Art in Pure Harmony

With humour and enthusiasm, she adorns, jazzes up, revamps, revisits the figures, objects and works of art of her ancestors that fill her life, she refashions them, exalts them and creates treasures that are absolutely fantastic, erotic, where folly, beauty, energy, provocative passion symphonize in a delirious intricacy of pure exquisiteness.

Her flamboyant, genre-breaking, gold-leafed characters, exuberating brilliants, pearls, lacquers and ever-so-daring collages... metamorphose to become genuine, precious jewels beyond compare, unbelievably luminous and alive. 


 “For my ancestors, primitive art was a way of existing, of communicating, sharing, that helped society flourish. For us, contemporary art embraces human existence and life itself. It’s an extraordinary ocean of knowledge, of communication, research and discoveries. In short, primitive art and contemporary art are universal scripts. So, above and beyond gazing contemplatively, we have to read it to be able to write it...

Existence pirouettes perpetually from one world to the other!

Thank you Joséphine for having truly exalted, rejuvenated our extraordinary ancestral art, perspicaciously, with your unique contemporary touch, whilst preserving its energy, its power and its symbols”        

Zak Ndam (Bamoun poet and antiquarian) 13/10/2015